What We’re About…….

I know, I know, people are busy, busy, busy  (sorry, it doesn’t warrant 3 “busy’s” because the fact is that many people have short-memories and short-attention spans too, and they simply don’t want to follow-up on things in this “drive-thru” world we live in of ‘instant answers’ which often aren’t) in this crazy world we live in, we work, many people are raising kids, we try to make some time to ‘play’, and when outdoor time is done, or work, or whatever, many people turn to Facebook, blogs, chat rooms, twitter, and bunches of other things to find out “what’s going on” like the old ’70’s song………..

The problem with that sometimes, and more and more often it appears, is that people don’t have time, nor sometimes the inclination, to “delve deeper” and get the story that lies underneath the surface on most issues, but some people decide to “jump on that bandwagon” anyway, even when that wagon is careening around thoughtlessly, and perhaps even ruining peoples lives, so when there is trouble later on, the old stand-by excuse of “I didn’t know” is quite frankly just that……”OLD”, and the FACT is that people shouldn’t jump on any bandwagon when they don’t know hardly anything, if anything at all, about that issue, and are actually ‘trusting’ people they’ve met on Facebook for God’s sake to represent them, tell them what to think on issues, lead them along like a bull or cow with a ring through their nose, become one of many in a “social media madness mob” like a bunch of uncivilized ‘sheeple-people’, and when they are ‘thrown under the bus’ laer on by the ringleaders, they are actually shocked they are being exposed, perhaps sued, and maybe even prosecuted for illegal activities they didn’t even know they were a part of doing just because “it was on the Internet” and is not “real life”, right? WRONG!……..

So this blog will mostly be about “delving deeper” (if you dare), providing more information as we find it, asking QUESTIONS, which many people seem to be uncomfortable answering if it goes against the PR, marketing promotions, public persona they are trying to “sell” as fact, when that couldn’t be further from the truth in a whole month of Sunday’s, and then there are the hidden agendas that are a ‘secret’ to the public, and only the “inner circle” people are privy too.

Seriously, we know why some people don’t bother to ask questions anymore; because most of the time they either are ignored, they may get a “distraction ‘answer” which isn’t an answer at all, they may get straight-out lied too as they sometimes find out later, and a worst case scenario is being brutally attacked, bullied, harassed, stalked, etc on social media because they were ‘too pushy’ about asking questions, which than can, and often does, turn into their now ‘enemies’ turning them into every agency on the planet (which is ‘false reporting’ much of the time, but the people filing the complaints file anonymously, they present themselves as something they are not, they have friends that work at the agencies, etc), and then it turns into a case of politicians “”circling the wagons” and going into damage control and “cover their asses” mode, and with enough phone calls from the public, things going viral on the Internet, calls made to the media that LOVE a sensational story, and also to government agencies and offices, these politicians and elected officials have to ‘look’ like they are doing something, so they often go on “the attack” legally, with law enforcement, and other local, regional, and sometimes federal agencies, when ALL it would have taken is some BACKGROUND CHECKING on the primary culprits in ‘whipping-up’ the “social media madness mob’ and those ‘ringleaders’ skeletons in their closets clickity-clacking away tell the tale of the hidden agenda that so many people have, and that mere mortals in the public BETTER NOT ask them questions and try to get an answer……’or else’………

So this blog is a lot about ‘delving deeper’, asking questions, and getting answers…..’or else’……”or else what'” you might ask?
Well, if you are someone putting your self, your organization, your business, your agenda, etc forth as one thing, but when people ask questions (a very bad habit some of us have, and much to the chagrin of people who really hate answering questions)  and don’t get answers that appear factual and/or can be researched and fact-checked, THAT makes some people very suspicious, and answers will be pursued in various ways unless and until the person asked the question decides to give the real answer.

We are sympathetic to some people who ask questions who are non-confrontational, passive, or far too busy to “delve deeper”, who may ‘walk away’ when they don’t get answers to their questions, but many others will not who are seeking “the fullness of grace and truth” and the truth will be found, so probably better for people to simply answer the questions posed to them factually and truthfully because 1. sometimes people asking the questions already have the factual answers in documents, photos, videos, emails, PM’s, etc and are not making that info public giving the person being asked the question to give a truthful, non-embellished answer and 2. if the ‘truth be told’ in the first place, people never have to try and remember what ‘story’ was told to which person, and the “domino effect” will never come into play………..easy-pesey, right? Well, I guess we’ll just have to see, won’t we? :-0


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